We've included these webpages about Charles Dickens for two reasons. First of all we like his books - and as this is essentially a site which indulges our personal whims, that surely is reason enough. But in the early years of the 20th Century, Dickens was probably the most popular author in the Western World. My grandfather loved to read his books and introduced me to them at a very early age. The years from 1900 to about 1920 were the heyday of the picture postcard - a time when a card mailed in London would be delivered within a few hours, a service which was a precursor to the telephone - not quite an instant message but, in a period when life was not quite so hectic, an adequate means of quick communication. Because of the demand, thousands of postcards were produced and many millions of copies printed, among them a large number of cards depicting characters from Dickens' works. Some of his books are widely represented, others - eg Great Expectations - hardly at all.

In conjunction with Zazzle, we have produced an extensive range of gifts, using images from these old postcards. The items available include many reproduction postcards, coffee mugs, Christmas cards, birthday cards, key chains, fridge magnets, watches etc. Most items may be personalised. You may visit our Zazzle site by following this link.