Our collection of old postcards of London is arranged by London Borough. There are links to each of the Boroughs just below, although we have not yet covered all of them. You will also see that we have a few extra pages for postcards of, for example, theatres and railway stations. We hope that this will make it easier to locate postcards of a particular place, and we have included a list of the areas covered by each borough on the relevant page.

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London Street Names. There are of course many thousands of streets in London, and each has a name. The origins of some of these names are discussed in a series of short articles which can be found at London On Line. Over the years streets have changed due to redevelopment, bombing during WW2 etc. Many streets have been renamed, a process which started in 1857 and continued until 1945, with of course new names being added to this day as new areas are developed. This can make it quite difficult to locate some streets, but there is an excellent website which lists name changes - go to it here.

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