Edgehill is a small village in Warwickshire roughly half way between Stratford-upon-Avon and Banbury. The village and the escarpment (called Edge Hill) nearby are remembered for the English Civil War battle fought there in 1642, a battle which both sides claimed to have won.

The story goes that, on 23rd October 1642, shepherds tending their sheep at Edge Hill witnessed a ghostly re-enactment of the entire battle. At first they heard the sound of drums, then the noise of incorporeal soldiers that made those "clamours” and phantom armies fought in the sky above the original battlefield. The phantom Parliamentarians and Cavalier soldiers re-appeared over several nights and were witnessed on Christmas Day by many people. Since that time, many have claimed that noises of battle and ghosts of soldiers and horsemen are a common occurrence in the area. A good story that keeps the tourists coming !

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