Many of the postcards of Poland which appear on this website have been provided by Waldemar Rudziecki of the Museum of Contemporary Pomeranian Marine Handicraft in Gdynia. We are most grateful for the opportunity to display these excellent images, and we urge any of you who are in or near Gdynia to visit this museum - there are about 12,000 images of old postcards of towns and villages in Poland available to view via a "Fotoplastikon" system which displays the postcards on LCD screens throughout the museum. There are of course many other attractions.

A Note on Polish Place Names.

The place names in today's Poland have changed frequently during the last 200 years. Most locations in the former provinces of Silesia (Schlesien), Pomerania (Pommern), Brandenburg & East Prussia (Ostpreussen) kept their German names until 1945, but now they are no longer used. In the Province of Posen and in West Prussia (Westpreussen) both Polish and German names were used in the records during the 19th century. Generally in West Prussia, German names were used predominantly and the Polish ones only occasionally. There are no particular problems with the place names in Congress Poland and Galicia - in most cases their Polish form remained unchanged or only slight modifications in their spelling occurred. The official Russian versions of the place names in Congress Poland and the Western gubernias of Russia (formerly Polish) usually differed only in spelling - those differences reflected both the necessity of transliteration from the Latin alphabet to the Cyrillic and some phonetic differences between Polish and Russian. Except for Warsaw, we try to use the contemporary Polish names in our Polish pages, although we sometimes use the German name. You will notice that, to add to the confusion, many of the postcards give French versions, eg Varsovie.

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