The Canton of Glarus lies in east/central Switzerland. The capital city is also called Glarus. The canton formerly had 25 municipalities, but in 2011 this number was reduced to three, viz Glarus Nord, Glarus and Glarus Sud. Our postcards of course reflect the names of the original 25, which were:- Betschwanden, Bilten, Braunwald, Elm, Engi, Ennenda, Filzbach, Glarus, Haslen, Linthal, Luchsingen, Matt, Mitlödi, Mollis, Mühlehorn, Näfels, Netstal, Niederurnen, Oberurnen, Obstalden, Riedern, Rüti, Schwanden, Schwändi and Sool.

In conjunction with Zazzle, we have produced an extensive range of gifts, using images from these old postcards. The items available include many reproduction postcards, coffee mugs, Christmas cards, birthday cards, key chains, fridge magnets, watches etc. Most items may be personalised. You may visit our Zazzle site by following this link.