The Titanic was built in Belfast by Harland and Wolff, and was launched on 31 May 1911. She was finally completed on 2 April 1912, and was the largest passenger liner afloat at the time. She left Southampton on her maiden voyage on 10 April 1912, calling at Cherbourg and Queenstown (Cobh) before setting off for New York. On 14 April she hit an iceberg and sank after about 2 1/2 hours - approx 1,500 people lost their lives (the exact number is not known as the number of passengers has never been accurately determined.) There were an estimated 705 survivors. The incident caused worldwide shock and outrage at the time. Postcard manufacturers "jumped on the bandwagon" and produced a large number of postcards, mostly very similar as there were few photos of the ship, and many carrying religious messages of sympathy. The ship's band was reputedly playing "Nearer my God to thee" as the ship went down, although this seems most unlikely, and the words were widely used to augment the postcards. Titanic had a sister ship, the Olympic, and some manufacturers used images of this ship and portrayed her as Titanic. The majority of the images which follow were sent to us by a collector in North America, so thanks very much to him !

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